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Paul L. Craig, Ph.D., ABPP

SIOP Response

Thank you for asking me to provide input to SIOP about my candidacy as APA President-elect.  In response to your questions, I submit the following responses.  Likewise, I invite you to visit my website:


How will your initiatives influence the practice and science of I-O psychology?

The theme of my campaign is “The Year of Our Youth.” Specifically, the foundation of my presidential platform is built on addressing the needs of our students, early career, and midcareer psychologists in the context of their educational, scientific, and practice pursuits.  To the extent APA’s leadership tenaciously focuses on the well-being of our next generation of psychologists, the future for all members of our profession will be brighter. 

About 10 percent of my practice involves pre-employment consultations with an international airline in Japan.  In that context, at a very personal level, I understand some of the unique issues faced by I-O psychologists.  The majority of my work is in the healthcare arena.  Specifically, I am a clinical neuropsychologist based in Anchorage, Alaska.  Despite my roots in healthcare, I strongly support and respect the scientific and applied work performed by my psychology colleagues working in I-O psychology.  With respect to “The Year of Our Youth,” I look forward to promoting the accomplishments of I-O psychologists for purposes of encouraging our students to pursue training and careers in I-O psychology.  To the extent we are promoting the development of our next generation of psychologists – including young I-O psychologists – we will be doing a service for our profession and for society.

How will you ensure that you hear and reflect the point of view of I-O psychology and other non-healthcare provider groups within APA?

In brief, I will attentively listen and will actively promote the work and points of view of all psychologists.

Although healthcare is a very important venue for applied psychology, it is certainly not the only venue.  As a clinical neuropsychologist, I am very aware of the importance of research ranging from highly theoretical laboratory studies all the way through very pragmatic applied research.  Psychology is about behavior – not just health behavior but all behavior.  Psychologists working in all venues have one thing in common when they are addressing issues, problems, and opportunities in their respective professional pursuits – namely, the science of behavior.  When we work collectively as psychology colleagues, our chances of impacting public policy in a positive manner is enhanced.  I can assure you that as President of the APA, I will work tenaciously toward advancing the issues that are of greatest importance to the younger members of SIOP.  I-O psychologists have made huge contributions to society and more is possible if we attract and nurture some of the best and brightest among our youth to pursue careers in I-O psychology.  Thank you for your consideration.