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Todd Finnerty, Psy.D.

Dear SIOP;

Thank you for taking a moment to consider my candidacy. While the slate of presidential candidates this year is dominated by health care practitioners, I believe SIOP members do have the option of voting for a candidate that is interested in their views and shares some of their experiences. I spend most of my time working as a consultant to an organization and not in delivering clinical services. My consulting work is focused on individuals who have experienced problems in the workplace and who are now filing for disability. I’m an in-house consultant to a state agency that makes disability determinations for Social Security. I have a strong interest in the characteristics of great workplaces and how individuals with disabilities can be brought back in to the workplace effectively. In addition, I am an entrepreneur that has started and run multiple businesses. I am currently the President of a company I founded that sponsors continuing education for psychologists.  To ensure that I hear and reflect on the view of I-O Psychology and other non-health care provider groups my e-mail address, twitter account and phone number will always be available on my website in the event that any SIOP member has concerns they wish to bring up with me. My diverse experiences have let me identify myself as not just a health care provider, but also a business-person, consultant and educator. I have worn many hats and I believe that all APA members should be represented in APA, not just some.

I’m a member of the Association for Psychological Science. Regardless of how we’re attempting to apply our science, we must do it in an Evidence-Based manner. However, we must also ensure that our evidence is not overly-influenced by publication bias. I would seek to use our journal publishing and electronic database influence to reduce publication bias and factors which reduce the credibility of our science. My initiatives will also seek to stimulate innovation in psychology, including I-O psychology. The theme of my presidential year in 2014 will be “Advancing Psychology through Innovation.”

My proposed initiatives are:

  1. Psychology’s Role in Health Care Reform
  2. Increasing Access to Psychologists and Psychological Science
  3. Stimulating Innovation in Psychology.

If SIOP members have any thoughts or questions for me please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to the opportunity to advance APA beyond our status quo; let’s achieve something great together. Thank you for your time and thank you for your #1 ranking in the election which begins September 14, 2012.

Todd Finnerty, Psy.D.
PsychContinuingEd.com, LLC
Columbus, OH