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Doug Haldeman, Ph.D.

SIOP (APA Division 14)/Statement of Candidacy

How will your initiatives influence the practice and science of I-O psychology?

As a consultant to business on Diversity issues, I have several initiatives that relate directly to the science and practice of I/O psychology.  The first, Trauma in Everyday Life, incorporates new research on workplace stress, unemployment and other work-related issues as one of its most prominent components.  The second, the Body/Mind Connection, will include research and recommendations from I/O psychologists on healthy aspects of corporate life and workplace settings.  Finally, I have a cross-cultural (meaning international) anti-racism initiative that will include best practices and recommendations for diversity training in business settings.  All of the aforementioned will involve consultation and participation from I/O psychologists, with respect to research and practice recommendations.

How will you ensure that you hear and reflect the point of view of I-O psychology and other non-healthcare provider groups within APA?

Given that I/O psychology has for some time been an expanding area of opportunity for practitioners and researchers alike, it strikes me as odd that we have yet to see a Presidential initiative, or even much visibility in the Association at large, of this important area.  My first step as APA President would be to meet with representatives of the I/O research and practice communities to hear what would be most helpful to (1) increase visibility of I/O psychology and (2) what APA can do that will best facilitate and support the autonomous decisions of the I/O community.  For example, does SIOP seek to expand resources for I/O psychologists with best practice guidelines, policies, recommendations about licensure, etc.  I value this aspect of our discipline and profession because I work in this area.  I do not believe in a “one-size-fits-all” licensure or accreditation standard for I/O practitioners.  I assure the members of SIOP my full attention and collaboration as APA President.  Other information is available on my campaign website, www.President.DrDougHaldeman.com