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Nadine J. Kaslow, PhD, ABPP

Uniting Psychology for the Future - www.nadinekaslow.com

How will your initiatives influence the practice and science of I-O psychology?

  • My presidential theme, Uniting Psychology for the Future, highlights my dedication to valuing and integrating all of psychology within APA.
    • I recognize the incredible contributions I-O psychology has made, including those related to the science of marketing, job recruitment, job training, stress management, organizational development, and leadership training, etc. Given I-O psychologists’ pertinent expertise, I hope I can count on the I-O community to assist me in making strides toward such unification and resulting progress.
    • I appreciate that historically there has been insufficient focus on issues pertinent to I-O psychology (e.g., non-health care topics, breadth of the science of psychology, licensure for non-health care psychologists). I am committed to ensuring APA more fully addresses these topics.
  • Two of my presidential initiatives are germane to I-O Psychology.
    • Science within Psychology – A federally funded researcher and journal editor, I am committed to using creative strategies for recruiting and retaining I-O and other scientists into APA. I hope to continue current presidential efforts regarding recognizing psychology as a STEM science, engaging ECP scientists, and retaining mid-career and senior scholars. I endeavor to institute creative outreach and programming activities that help ensure that APA is a positive, meaningful home for scientists across the professional lifespan and across the many different specialties within psychology, including I-O. I am enthusiastic about partnering with Division 14 to more fully include I-O scientists within our organization.
    • Students and Early Career Psychologists (ECPs)– As a psychologist who has held educational/training leadership roles, one of my initiatives relates to ensuring adequate marketplace opportunities for students and ECPs in the current economy. To enhance the job prospects for ECPs interested in I-O positions, APA can more effectively highlight for the public the myriad ways that psychologists can be assets in different work contexts. I would encourage key groups within APA (APA Associations of Graduate Students (APAGS), ECP Committee, Division 14) to develop a website for creative job and mentoring opportunities to communicate to our junior colleagues the breadth of I-O-related employment prospects that they can explore.

How will you ensure that you hear and reflect the point of view of I-O psychology and other non-healthcare provider groups within APA?

  • To work toward a culture shift within APA  to guarantee greater inclusion of a breadth of perspectives, including that represented by I-O, I am committed to
    • Attending the board meetings of multiple divisions, including 14 and other non-healthcare divisions, in my President-Elect year to learn more about their priorities/needs.
    • Determining 1 key initiative pertinent to the members of Division 14 and working through the governance to help advance these initiatives.