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Members of the 2014-2015 Executive Board and Committee Chairs

Click here for committee descriptions or go to the committee name below and click to see the committee description.

To become a Committee Volunteer, please sign up online here.

President: Jose Cortina
President-Elect: Steve W. J. Kozlowski
Past President: Tammy D. Allen
Financial Officer/Secretary: Kathleen Kappy Lundquist

Representatives to APA Council:

1/13-12/15 Rodney Lowman
1/15-12/17 Deirdre Knapp
1/14-12/16 Lori Foster Thompson
1/13-12/15 Deborah Whetzel

Conferences and Programs Officer: Evan Sinar

Program-APAAnn Huffman, Tara Behrend (Chair-in-Training)
Program-APS: Reeshad Dalal, Silvia Bonaccio (Chair-in-Training) 
Program-SIOP: Kristen Shockley, Scott Tonidandel (Chair-in-Training)
SIOP Conference: Eden King
Workshops: Erica Desrosiers, Emily Solberg (Chair-in-Training) 
Leading Edge Consortium: Elaine Pulakos

Publications Officer: Allan Church

Organizational Frontiers: Rich Klimoski, Editor
Professional Practice Series: Nancy Tippins, Editor
IOP Journal: Kevin Murphy, Editor
Publications Board: Allan Church

Communications Officer: Alexander Alonso

Electronic Communication: Tilman Sheets
TIP: Morrie Mullins

External Affairs Officer: Milt Hakel

Visibility: Mark Rose 
International Affairs: Angelo DeNisi
   United Nations: John Scott
External Relations: Janet Barnes-Farrell
   SIOP Local Group Relations (ad hoc): Bill Farmer

Membership Services Officer: Eric Heggestad

Awards: David Baker
Ethic and Minority Affairs: Michelle (Mikki) Hebl
Fellowship: Ron Landis
Historian: Jeffrey Cucina
LGBT Committee (ad hoc): Larry Martinez
Membership: Satoris Culbertson
Placement and JobNet: Anne Hansen

Professional Practice Officer: Cristina Banks

Professional Practice: Mark Poteet
Licensing, Certification & Credentialing (ad hoc): Mark Nagy

Instructional and Educational Officer: Laura Koppes Bryan

CE Coordinator: Rose Mueller-Hanson
Education & Training: Whitney Botsford Morgan
Consortia: Mark Frame, Tracey Rizzuto (Chair-in-Training)

Research and Science Officer: Fred Oswald

Institutional Research:  Charles Scherbaum
Scientific Affairs: Steve Stark
Government Relations Advocacy Team (GREAT) (ad hoc): Seth Kaplan

Strategic Planning & Research Committee (SPARC (ad hoc)Debra A. Major

Branding Task Force: Chris Rotolo

Administrative Office: David Nershi, Executive Director; Linda Lentz, Director of Administrative Services

SIOP Foundation: Milton Hakel, President


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