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I-O Psychology Study Abroad Opportunities

Students interested in study abroad courses may use the information below to discuss opportunities and potential transfer of credit from the credit granting institution with their program director. Further contact information is provided for each study abroad course.
Summer 2009
Course Title: Diversity, Justice and the Law: Building a fair workplace
This is an early summer in Ireland program
Course Description: Diversity has been defined as any attribute we use to tell us another person is different (Williams & O'Reilly, 1998). The literature on diversity in the workplace suggests that it has both positive and negative effects on organizational processes and performance. On the negative side, perceived differences in characteristics such as race, gender, ethnicity, disability and religion can lead to prejudice and discrimination against certain groups. Prejudice and discrimination in the workplace exist globally, but cultural differences may render certain characteristics more important/salient in one country than another (e.g., race vs. religion). Civil Rights legislation has been enacted in countries around the globe to counteract the insidious effects of discrimination with the ultimate goal of creating a just society.
With the influx of ethnically and religiously diverse workers into Ireland as a result of the emergence of the "Celtic Tiger" economy, Irish businesses are faced with a range of new human resource issues related to civil rights and the creation of a fair and inclusive workplace. This course will cover the effects of different types of diversity on organizational process and performance using both U.S. and Irish examples. We will focus on the history of relevant anti-discrimination laws and discuss their impact on the creation of a fair workplace in both countries.We will examine the application of these laws to the workplace and explore the opportunities for creating a fair workplace for all employees. Exposing our students to these issues in a different culture provides an opportunity for them to identify common themes, examine the underlying causes for the problems, and assess the need for and impact of legal protections.
Credit Hours: 3 hours at 400/500 level upper-division undergraduate/graduate
Prerequisites: none
Credit Granting Institution: Northern Kentucky University for non-CCSA institutions
Instructor: Brian J. O’Leary, PhD, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Contact Information: boleary@utc.edu, 423-425-4283
Organization providing travel, lodging, and related services:
Cooperative Center for Study Abroad
Description of what services are included: Roundtrip transportation from designated cities, airport transfers, accommodations, daily breakfast, Dublin bus/city rail pass, program excursions, health insurance and some additional meals
For General Program Information contact:
            Website: http://www.ccsa.cc
            e-mail: ccsa@nku.edu
            phone: 859-572-6512
Cost for 2009 is $4,495.
Dates and locations of U.S. Departure and return:
Depart U.S. May 18 – return June 2; departure cities: Atlanta GA, Birmingham AL, Chicago IL, Cincinnati OH, Dallas TX, Indianapolis IN, Mobile AL, Nashville TN, Pittsburgh PA, Portland OR, Sioux Falls SD