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Expert Individual Contributor

I-O Career PathsAcademia → Expert Individual Contributor

The top competencies and critical experiences needed to succeed as an Expert Individual Contributor in the Academia career path are presented below. 

Top Competencies   Top Experiences
  1. Communication: Written 
  2. Communication: Verbal 
  3. Research Ability 
  4. Ethical Behavior 
  5. Integrity 
  6. Trustworthiness 
  7. Creative Thinking 
  8. Teaching Ability 
  9. Disciplinary Competence 
  10. Energy

Click here to view the full competency list.

  1. Design and conduct studies 
  2. Publish articles in field of expertise 
  3. Mentor students 
  4. Balance research, teaching, and service effectively 
  5. Effectively manage class discussions, creating assignments, tests, quizzes, or papers, and grading course work 
  6. Deliver engaging lectures 
  7. Provide career advice and other professional guidance to students 
  8. Provide research experiences to students 
  9. Manage the successful completion of thesis and/or dissertations of student advisees 
  10. Become recognized in field of expertise

Click here to view the full list of experiences.