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Individual Contributor

I-O Career PathsGovernment → Individual Contributor

The top competencies and critical experiences needed to succeed as an Individual Contributor in the Government career path are presented below.

Top Competencies   Top Experiences
  1. Communication: Verbal 
  2. Communication: Written 
  3. Critical Thinking 
  4. Customer Service 
  5. Ethical Behavior 
  6. Integrity 
  7. Interpersonal Skills 
  8. Listening Skills 
  9. Attention to Detail 
  10. Data Analysis 
  11. Knowledge of internal workings of the State or Federal government 
  12. Networking 
  13. Problem Solving

Click here to view the full competency list.

  1. Communicate with people outside of current branch, agency, or organization 
  2. Follow timelines and budgets on project work 
  3. Create and administer own projects from start to finish 
  4. Lead project teams 
  5. Write technical reports 
  6. Demonstrate that project work adds value to the organization 
  7. Become a part of a task force and/or committees 
  8. Work with customers or stakeholders who are not local 
  9. Monitor work to ensure it adheres to Federal law, regulations, and policies 
  10. Complete high visibility assignments

Click here to view the full list of experiences.