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Government Manager

I-O Career PathsGovernment → Manager

The top competencies and critical experiences needed to succeed as a Manager in the Government career path are presented below.

Top Competencies   Top Experiences
  1. Integrity 
  2. Ethical Behavior 
  3. Problem Solving 
  4. Critical Thinking 
  5. Communication: Written 
  6. Decision Making 
  7. Communication: Verbal
  8. Results Driven 
  9. Customer Service
  10. Interpersonal Skills 
  11. Time Management

Click here to view the full competency list.

  1. Manage performance of subordinates 
  2. Lead project teams 
  3. Provide developmental opportunities to subordinates 
  4. Demonstrate that project work adds value to the organization 
  5. Lead multiple projects 
  6. Deliver effective briefings to senior management and/or customers 
  7. Make decisions in a timely manner that will benefit the organization 
  8. Follow timelines and budgets on project work 
  9. Manage multiple projects and/or working with one specific, long-term client 
  10. Monitor work to ensure it adheres to Federal law, regulations, and policies

Click here to view the full list of experiences.