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Workshop 8 (half day)

Diversity, Complexity, Uncertainty…Managing Them as Both Leadership and Change Challenges

Presenters:  Steve Krupp, Oliver Wyman–Delta Organization & Leadership
  Órla NicDomhnaill, Oliver Wyman–Delta Organization & Leadership
Coordinator:  John Howes, Nike

Although the world is flat, it keeps spinning for CEOs, executives, and change leaders striving to drive growth and manage risk that is increasingly difficult to discern. The financial markets are fluctuating violently and the demand for energy has turned economic and political realities upside down. The emergent power of growth markets like China, India, Vietnam; globalization of our companies; speed of technology change; and the Internet revolution have blown away old concepts of change agility and information exchange. In addition to this change in complexity, workforces are becoming increasingly diverse. By 2042, Caucasians will no longer be the majority in the U.S., and over the next decades companies will be increasingly dependent on growth outside North America and subsequently on virtual teaming.  In the midst of this diversity, complexity, and uncertainty, change leaders struggle to navigate new frontiers and guide their increasingly diverse teams to prosperity.  
In this workshop, we don’t promise a magic bullet to master all the ambiguities of leading change today. What we will do is share lessons of experience, keys to success, case studies, frameworks, and proven tools that help companies thrive in the post-Internet “world is flat” era.  Delta literally wrote the book on enterprise change in the 1990s. In the last years, working side by side with clients, we have reinvented the toolkit to deal with the change challenges of today and tomorrow like globalization, strategic expense management, CEO-led transformational change, new product/market introductions, and mergers and acquisitions.

This workshop will engage participants in exploring diversity, complexity, and uncertainty issues they face.  They will leave with new perspectives and hands-on tools to:
• Define the primary sources of increased complexity and uncertainty today and the implications for change leaders
• Articulate how the increasingly diverse and virtual work force, within the context of U.S. demographics and globalization, influences the way we need to lead change going forward
• Frame the change challenges and solutions in a larger context that is proving useful to other leaders coping with unprecedented environmental conditions
• Identify and analyze the reasons transformations fail based on current perspective and practice
• Address the anxiety, control, and power issues prevalent in times of extreme uncertainty, instability, and risk 
• Employ tips and guidelines that change leaders find useful, given the new business dynamics, in tackling transformations, mergers, and downsizings
• Apply new insights and tools to their own change leadership dilemmas

Steve Krupp has over 25 years experience in executive and talent management research and in executive coaching.  He leads the executive talent management business at Oliver Wyman–Delta Organization and Leadership and consults with CEOs and their teams on large-scale organizational change, and in particular, the talent implications of strategic change, mergers, or business transitions. Steve’s talent management expertise helps organizations prepare their next generation of leaders to successfully grow their companies, globalize, and lead enterprise change in the complex business environment we all face. Steve earned his PhD in organizational development from Temple University.  He is a licensed psychologist and has numerous publications, including What the Future Demands:  The Growing Challenge of Global Leadership Development and Building Executive Talent:  Fueling Growth–Managing Risk.

Órla NicDomhnaill provides research expertise and consultation in the areas of diversity, large-scale organizational change, executive talent management, and employee engagement at Oliver Wyman–Delta Organization and Leadership.  In response to the recent economic downturn, Órla is leading the development of intellectual capital on strategic expense management, including Managing the Organization Dynamics of Downsizing, and her doctoral dissertation (Gendered Behavior at Work: How Sex, Gender, and Approach to Work Impact Behaviors and Outcomes) is currently in press. Prior to joining Delta Organization and Leadership, Órla consulted on gender and diversity at Mercer and organizational effectiveness at Pfizer Global Pharmaceuticals. Órla received her PhD in social-organizational psychology from Columbia University, where she taught master’s-level research methods and was a process consultant for change management practicums. 


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