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SIOP 2010 Saturday Theme Track: Reengineering I-O Psychology for the Changing World of Work

Session Introduction: Mariangela Battista, Org Vitality (Chair)

Session 235: Shape of Things to Come: What Is the New World of Work?

Peter Cappelli, University of Pennsylvania; Alison Jerden, Coca-Cola; and William Macey, Valtera. Chair: Harold Goldstein, Baruch College, CUNY.

Session 260: Symposium: Shift Happens: The Changed Workforce and Employment Relationship

To Stay or Not to Stay: The Changing Landscape of Retirement for Today's Workforce. Gwen Fisher, Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan.

The C-Suite Diaries: Global Business Leaders on What It Takes to Thrive in the “New Normal.” Todd Harris, PI Worldwide.

The Corporate Lattice as the New Career Pathing Model. Amy Titus, Deloitte.

Chairs: Rick Pollak, Rick Pollak & Associates; and Corinne Donovan, MetLife.

Session 283: Symposium: People Analytics

Using Talent Intelligence to be a More Effective Business Partner.
Wayne Cascio, University of Colorado; and Robin Wilson, Luxottica Retail.

So You Want to Get Started with Analytics? Al Adamsen, People-Centered Strategies LLC; and Anne Herman, Kenexa.

Chair: Anne Herman, Kenexa.

Session 300:  Panel Discussion: It’s All About Me: The Issues of Renewal and Revitalization on an Individual Level

Understanding the Role of Respite in Personal Renewal. Dov Eden, Tel Aviv University, Israel.

How Recovery is Critical in Revitalization. Sabine Sonnentag, University of Konstanz, Germany.

Experiential Learning:  A Personal Encounter with Renewal. Catherine McCarthy, The Energy Project.

Chair: Paula Schlesinger, ITO Development.

Session 317:  Closing Keynote: Marshall Goldsmith, Alliant International University.

Chair: Mariangela Battista, Org Vitality. 

Learning Objectives:

  • forecast and interpret future trends in human capital
  • identify the different areas in which I-O psychology can have an impact on the changing world of work
  • describe changing workplace dynamics including career pathing and retirement
  • gain strategic insight by examining employee, customer, and business performance data together
    • propose renewal and recovery strategies to help restore personal balance and focus