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Workshop 5
Maximizing the Value of Executive Coaching Within Organizations

Presenters: David B. Peterson, PDI Ninth House
                 Nisha Advani, Genentech

Coordinator: Erica Desrosiers, PepsiCo

The use of external executive coaches within organizations has been steadily increasing.  Despite widespread use, many organizations struggle with various aspects of managing coaches and coaching programs. Few organizations utilize coaching optimally and maximize the value of their significant investments. This practical workshop outlines all the steps in how to hire and manage external executive coaches working inside your organization: selecting the right coaches, matching them with participants, contracting, designing and setting up effective engagements, providing appropriate monitoring and support, and evaluating coaches and the coaching process.

This workshop is geared toward HR managers, I-O practitioners, and others who purchase coaching services or manage individual coaches or pools of coaches within their organization. Although not the primary audience, this workshop would also be valuable to consultants and coaches who provide coaching services to organizations and seek to provide greater strategic value.

This workshop is designed to help participants:

• Assess the elements of their executive coaching process and identify opportunities for improvement
• Identify criteria for selecting external coaches and matching them to coaching participants
• Identify criteria for selecting high-priority coaching participants
• Design steps for monitoring and managing individual coaching programs
• Align external coaching with their organization's talent management strategy 
• Evaluate the effectiveness and impact of their executive coaching

David B. Peterson, leader of executive coaching services at PDI Ninth house, has been passionate about understanding and applying the best principles of learning and development for over 20 years as an executive coach, as a trainer of other coaches, and in his own development. A pioneer and thought leader in the field of executive coaching, David has written many articles and best-selling books on coaching, leadership development, and executive effectiveness, and has been a highly rated workshop presenter at SIOP for 15 years. Based in San Francisco, he provides coaching to CEOs and other top executives in companies such as Target, Hewlett-Packard, Genentech, Stanford University, and Microsoft, as well as consulting to organizations to help them design state-of-the-art coaching programs. His PhD in I-O and counseling psychology is from the University of Minnesota.

Nisha Advani, director of executive talent development at Genentech, oversees the development and alignment of executive development and talent management processes, integrating with Roche, the parent company headquartered in Switzerland. This includes succession planning-talent reviews, executive pipeline development, assessment and feedback, and executive coaching for the senior leadership population. In her 20-year corporate career in market-leading companies such as Genentech, Cisco, Anthem Electronics and Intercontinental Hotels, Nisha has designed and implemented high impact development solutions for high potential senior leaders, and a variety of organizational development initiatives, including organizational redesign and strategic change.  Born and schooled in India, Nisha is well traveled, has lived on 3 continents, and speaks more than 3 languages. She is passionate about strategic talent development, and applies social science principles to create innovative and business-relevant solutions for enhancing leadership, developing the executive pipeline, and building more effective human organizations. Nisha holds a PhD in organizational psychology from Columbia University, a Master’s in Hotel Administration from Cornell, and an MA in social relations from The Johns Hopkins University.