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 Workshop 4

Engaged Employees in Flourishing Organizations 

Presenters:        William H. Macey, Valtera Corporation, and Arnold B. Bakker, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands
Coordinator:      Brigitte Steinheider, University of Oklahoma
Target Audience: All levels of experience
The status of Employee Engagement has long since moved from item of curiosity to staple of the executive vocabulary. Management no longer needs convincing, yet for I-O psychologists there remain many questions, not the least of which is how engagement should be defined and subsequently measured. In this workshop, the presenters will walk through how engagement is conceptualized by both practitioners and scholars and the implications of those differences for applied work. Particular attention will be given to the drivers of engagement and how engagement survey findings should be interpreted at different levels of analysis including the individual, unit, and organizational levels. In that context, issues of organizational leadership and climate will be evaluated and specific emphasis placed on how each leads to engagement and ultimately sustained competitive advantage. The workshop will combine elements of both presentation and participant interaction to ensure that participants with varying backgrounds will benefit.

As a result of attending this session participants will be able to:

  • Communicate the benefits of an engaged and thriving workforce to executives and other stakeholders
  • Choose or develop a survey measure of engagement that aligns with business strategy and that fits the appropriate level(s) of analysis
  • Identify the methods for assessing and reinforcing leader behaviors that ultimately create the climate necessary to sustain employee engagement
Bill Macey is CEO of Valtera Corporation and has more than 30 years of experience consulting with organizations in various facets of individual and organizational assessment and diagnostics. He has been an entrepreneur since 1977 and prides himself on having established a professional services firm based on the scientist-practitioner model. Bill is a Fellow of SIOP, APA, and APS. He was SIOP’s President in 2001-2002. He is a current member of the editorial board of the Journal of Business and Psychology and a past member of the editorial board of Personnel Psychology. He received his PhD from Loyola University Chicago in 1975. His current research and practice interests include employee engagement, culture, the employee value proposition (EVP), and applications of discrete choice modeling to workforce modeling. Some of his more recent publications include “The Meaning of Employee Engagement” (Macey & Schneider, 2008); “Employee Engagement:  Tools for Analysis, Practice, and Competitive Advantage” (Macey, Schneider, Barbera, & Young, 2009); and “Organizational Service Climate Drivers of the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) and Financial and Market Performance” (Schneider, Macey, Lee, & Young), which was named the best article in the Journal of Service Research for 2009.
Arnold B. Bakker is full professor and chair at the Department of Work and Organizational Psychology at Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands. He is president of the European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology, secretary-general of the Alliance of Organizational Psychology, and a Fellow of APS. His research interests include work engagement, burnout, spillover, and crossover. His research is published in the major I-O journals. Arnold is the editor (with Michael Leiter) of Work engagement: A handbook of essential theory and research (Psychology Press). He is also the series editor of Advances in Positive Organizational Psychology (Emerald) and of Current issues in Work and Organizational Psychology (Psychology Press). Arnold has served as consultant for over 15 years. He developed the Utrecht Work Engagement Scale and is specialized in web-based engagement tools such as the Engagement App. See also: www.arnoldbakker.com