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2013 SIOP Community of Interests (COI) Sessions

There will be 12 outstanding Community of Interest (COI) sessions.  These are sessions designed to create new communities around common themes or interests. These sessions have no chair, presenters, or discussant.  Instead, they are informally moderated by one or two facilitators. These are great sessions to attend if you would like to (a) meet potential collaborators, (b) generate new ideas, (c) have stimulating conversations, (d) meet some new friends with common interests, and (e) develop an informal network with other like-minded SIOP members. Topics for this year’s COI sessions include:   

  1. The Virtual Workforce. Facilitators: Andrea S. Goldberg, Digital Culture Consulting; and Tim Goldman, Rensselaer Poytechnic Institute (RPI)
  2. Millennials at Work.  Facilitators: Jane B. "Brodie" Gregory, PDRI; and Chad Thompson, Taylor Strategy Partners
  3. Cross-Cultural Competencies. Facilitators: Nancy Tippins, Valtera; and Ann Marie Ryan, Michigan State University. Coauthors of Designing and Implementing Global
    Selection Systems
  4. Expatriate Selection. Facilitators: Jessica Lee Wildman, Florida Institute of Technology; and Thomas Rockstuhl, Nanyang Technological University
  5. Learning Agility and Leader Development. Facilitators: Neta Moye, PDRI; and Steve Zaccaro, George Mason University
  6. Discussions for New or Prospective Faculty. Facilitators: Lacie Barber, Northern Illinois University; and Travis Maynard, Colorado State University
  7. Resilience in Organizations. Facilitators: George Alliger, Group for Organizational Effectiveness (gOE); and Glenda M. Fisk, Queens University
  8. Intelligence in the Workplace. Facilitators: Anthony Boyce, Aon Hewett; and Jonas W. B. Lang, Maastricht University
  9. Partnering With Healthcare Organizations. Facilitators: Sallie Weaver, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine; and Sylvia Hysong, Baylor College of Medicine
  10. Discussions for New or Prospective Practitioners. Facilitators: Ernest Paskey, AON Hewitt; and Rich Cober, Marriott international
  11. The Aging Workforce. Facilitators: Donald Truxillo, Portland State University; and Gwen Fisher, University of Michigan
  12. HOT TOPIC: SIOP Members and Public Policy: Evaluating Teacher Performance. Facilitators: Deidra J. Schleicher, Texas A&M University; and Paul Levy, University of Akron