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Exhibitor Showcase

What is the Exhibitor Showcase?
Planned Layout for 2013 Showcase
The Exhibitor Showcase is an ideal venue for SIOP exhibitors to demonstrate software programs, display Web sites, explain products, highlight new programs, or hold special presentations and book signings by authors. This is a great addition to your marketing toolbox. Rather than chasing down business leads one at a time, you can invite a whole audience of potential customers. There are a multitude of possibilities for how to use the Exhibitor Showcase to your advantage.
What is included in the Exhibitor Showcase Timeslot fee?
  • One hour use of showcase area (No additional set-up/tear-down time is provided, so please take this into consideration when setting the start and end time of your presentation.)
  • Presenter platform and/or podium
  • AV accommodations, including an LCD projector, screen, microphones, sound system and wired Internet
  • Attendee seating, separated from surroundings with Plexiglas panels
How does SIOP promote the Exhibitor Showcase to conference attendees?
  • positions the Showcase centrally in the exhibit hall
  • promotes to conference attendees prior to and during the conference the event title, presenter names, and description of what will be presented during each Exhibitor Showcase timeslot
  • creates detailed signage indicating the title, presenters and description of each showcase event
  • mentions the Exhibitor Showcase in the printed conference program
  • displays the Exhibitor Showcase schedule on the SIOP web site
  • supplies participating organizations with promotional suggestions to help drive showcase traffic
Are there any limitations on the use of the Exhibitor Showcase?
  • Organizations must be exhibitors in order to purchase an Exhibitor Showcase time slot.
  • Only two slots may be purchased per showcase day.
  • Timeslots are available during regular exhibit hall hours only and are on a first come, first served basis.
  • The Exhibitor Showcase space is intended for organizations to give informal presentations, hold demos or signings, or the like. Any other use of the showcase should be reviewed by the SIOP Executive Director for approval.