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2014 Workshop Titles, Presenters, and Abstracts

Fred Oswald 1. Expanding Your Statistical Toolkit: Bayesian Analysis and Inference in Organizational Research. Fred Oswald, Rice University; Boris Baltes, Wayne State University. Coordinator: Gavan O’Shea, Human Resources Research Organization (HumRRO).

Bayesian statistical analysis provides a compelling alternative to traditional statistical significance testing, and it has permeated a wide range of scientific disciplines in the past 15-20 years – yet I-O psychologists have yet to catch this wave. This workshop provides conceptual and concrete guidance for understanding, conducting and interpreting Bayesian analyses.

Bridgette A. Weitzel

2. Operation HiPo: Cutting Edge Battle Strategies for Winning The War on Talent Bridgette Weitzel, BAE Systems; Jeremy Borys, Ph.D., AlixPartners; Andy Doyle, Oppenheimer Funds; Dan Fisher, Ph.D., AlixPartners. Coordinator: Aarti Shyamsunder, Ph.D., Catalyst.

This workshop is targeted to seasoned professionals who are working with high potential employees and/or are building high potential development programs. Both internal owners of such programs and external consultants will benefit from the strategies and tactics presented, and actual stories from the front lines.  Some knowledge of psychological assessment and talent development (such as that gained with a doctoral level education in an organizational science) is assumed, and experience in business contexts is recommended.

Andrew Doyle Dan Fisher
Mike Fetzer Charles Handler

3. Get Your Game On! How to Use Gaming and Simulations to Revolutionize Your Hiring/Training Processes. Mike Fetzer, PhD, CEB|SHL ; Charles Handler, PhD, Logi-Serve; Jennifer McNamara, BreakAway Games. Coordinator: Jerilyn Hayward, PhD, ServiceMaster.

This workshop is targeted to I-O psychologists with a research or practice background who are exploring how to increase engagement through the use of serious games and/or gamification, or those who want to understand how, when, and under what circumstances one would use serious games, gamification, and/or high fidelity simulations in place of traditional training or assessments.

  Jennifer McNamara
Eugene Burke Hennie Kriek

4. Practical Strategies for Multinational and Global Assessment Programs. Eugene Burke, CEB|SHL; Hennie Kriek, Top Talent Solutions and the University of South Africa; Rick Jacobs, EB Jacobs and Penn State University.
Coordinator: Kristin Charles, Amazon.

This workshop reflects the growing need for organizations to develop and implement assessment programs overseas as they expand their operations to different countries.  This workshop covers key factors in the design of multinational and global programs, data sources and other resources to help prepare for an effective program, data management and maintaining the psychometric quality of assessments deployed across geographies, as well as outcome metrics for determining the success of assessment programs within and across geographies.

Daniel Denison William Mobley

5. Culture Diagnosis and Intervention: Getting Practical and Going Global. Daniel Denison, International Institute for Management Development (IMD); William H. Mobley, Asia Pacific Academy of Economics and Management at the University of Macau; and Chris Cancialosi, gothamCulture. Coordinator: Rob Michel, Edison Electric Institute.

This workshop will present and discuss several culture case studies highlighting the practical applications of culture work in organizations around the world. Special attention will be given to the role of globalization and the corresponding challenges and opportunities for practitioners whose work in organizations addresses culture as a strategic issue.

  Chris Cacialosi
Eric Dunleavy

6. On the Legal Front: An Essential Toolkit for Surviving EEO Challenges. Eric Dunleavy, DCI Consulting Group; Art Gutman, Florida Institute of Technology. Coordinator: Lorin Mueller, Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy.

This workshop provides participants with a toolkit for surviving EEO challenges. We first review recent workplace discrimination case law, settlements and regulatory change. Emphasis is placed on class action rulings and enforcement agency updates. We also review contemporary methods for identifying discrimination and best practice policies for mitigating it.

Todd Carlisle

7. Big Data: Catch the Wave. Rick Guzzo, Mercer; Todd Carlisle, Google. Coordinator: Emily Solberg, Corporate Executive Board.

This workshop will address the nature of big data and its implications for organizational research. Drawing on both research and experiences from presenters and participants, participants will have the opportunity to understand how to define, design, and implement big data studies.

Jeffrey Jolton

8. From End to Beginning: Making the Most of a Global Employee Survey Program. Jeffrey Jolton, IBM; Alexis A. Fink, Intel Corporation. Coordinator: John Howes, IBM.

Creating a successful global survey requires navigating a large number of logistics while juggling strategic objectives. Too often programs fail to produce meaningful change, and suffer from unforeseen pitfalls. This workshop will set participants up for success by sharing "things I wish I had known" from two seasoned survey practitioners.


9. Agile or Fragile: Coaching Leaders to Lead in Turbulent Times. David B. Peterson, Google, Inc. Coordinator: Darin Wiechmann, Bank of America.

This workshop examines research, theory, innovative ideas, and challenging questions to stimulate our thinking about leadership in dynamic environments. David offers practical suggestions to equip coaches to be more effective in their work with leaders striving to be more innovative, make better decisions, and deal with complexity and change.


10. Experience-Driven Leadership Development. Jeffrey J. McHenry, Rainier Leadership Solutions; Morgan W. McCall, Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California. Coordinator: Paul Yost, Seattle Pacific University.

The workshop will help identify ways to drive leader development by assigning job experiences to current and emerging leaders. The workshop also will provide insights into how to ensure that leaders who are given developmental job experiences maximize their learning from those experiences.

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