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Nomination for APA or APS Fellowship

Election as a SIOP Fellow does NOT automatically make the new SIOP Fellow an APA Fellow or APS Fellow. As a part of their SIOP Fellow applications, SIOP Fellow nominees elected as SIOP Fellows who are also members of APA and/or APS in good standing may choose to be considered also for Fellowship in APA and/or APS. If SIOP endorses their application, SIOP will forward its recommendation to APS as requested. For those SIOP Fellows who wish to be considered for APA Fellow, please review the guidelines on the APA web site.. The newly elected SIOP Fellow must initiate an APA Fellow application at APA’s web site here.  SIOP can no longer forward the Fellowship materials on behalf of the Nominee. The SIOP Fellowship Chair will use the APA Fellows Online Application Platform to upload a letter of recommendation for each newly elected SIOP Fellow. Note: APA or APS will not consider Fellow Nominees unless they are current in their dues payments.

APA acts on Fellowship at its annual meeting in August and notifies SIOP of its action (and in turn SIOP notifies the Nominee) after that meeting.

To be considered for APS Fellowship, the newly elected SIOP Fellow Nominee must notify the Fellowship Chair that they wish to have their nomination materials submitted to APS. Please note that the APS application requires that the nominator and one (1) Endorser be a Fellow of APS. The SIOP Administrative Office will send in the application materials in advance of the Spring review. APS Fellow Nomination information can be found here.

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