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Nomination of Current APA Fellows to SIOP Fellowship

SIOP Members who are already Fellows in another APA Division and hence are already APA Fellows (Current Fellows) may be nominated for Fellow status in SIOP. The general requirements for Current Fellows to become SIOP Fellows are the same (a SIOP Member in good standing for a minimum of 2 years at the time of election, and has earned a doctorate from an accredited institution at least 10 years previously), but not all of the New Fellow nomination materials are required. Current Fellow nominations should include ONLY:

  • Nominator and Endorsement Letters from a maximum of six (6) Endorsers who are active Members of SIOP of which at least three (3) must be SIOP Fellows
  • Nominee Self Statement and CV/Resume

Outstanding psychologists in other areas are not necessarily good candidates for Fellow status in SIOP based on their outstanding contributions; their nomination materials must demonstrate that they have made outstanding contributions with wide impact not just in psychology but in I-O specifically. Their endorsement letters are likely to focus more on the nationwide, outstanding impact on SIOP, its Mission and Values than on psychology as a whole or some area of business (e.g. marketing or strategy).

The time schedule for nomination and election of Current Fellows and the evaluation process is the same as for New Fellows.

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