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Conflict of Interest Rules for SIOP Fellowship Process

SIOP administers the Fellowship nomination, review, and determination through the Fellowship Committee. The SIOP Fellowship Committee is committed to ensuring that the process is administered in a fair, unbiased, and consistent manner. To facilitate the integrity of the Fellowship process, the following rules have been developed for identifying and disclosing potential conflicts of interest for SIOP Fellows who serve on the Fellowship Committee. The overall goal of these guidelines is to ensure that there are no actual or perceived conflicts of interest that may bias or be perceived to bias the review of nominations and/or the election of Fellows.

SIOP Fellowship Committee members have the responsibility to review the guidelines below and disclose these, or other similar situations, to the SIOP Fellowship Committee Chair. As noted below, in some situations committee members may be required to recuse themselves from participating in the Fellowship process for certain nominees. Other situations may require further review by the SIOP Fellowship Committee Chair, and possibly other SIOP officials, to determine whether any action is necessary beyond disclosure.

DISCLOSE AND RECUSE. A Fellowship Committee member must disclose and recuse him/herself from discussing or rating a nominee in a given year if the member:

  1. Has a family or close personal relationship (e.g., spouse, child, sibling, parent, partner) with the nominee
  2. Chaired or served on the nominee’s dissertation or thesis committee
  3. Had a dissertation or thesis that was chaired by the nominee or the nominee served on the member’s dissertation or thesis committee
  4. Is a business partner of the nominee
  5. Nominated the nominee
  6. Wrote an endorsement letter for the nominee

DISCLOSE AND DECIDE. A Fellowship Committee member must disclose and notify the Fellowship Committee Chair, who will decide whether the member should recuse her/himself from discussing or rating a nominee if the member:

  1. Was asked to write an endorsement letter for the nominee and refused
  2. Attended graduate school at the same time with the nominee at same university
  3. Has ever worked with or collaborated with the nominee in the past
  4. Has ever published with or collaborated with the nominee
  5. Is applying for a job at the nominee’s company or university
  6. Works for the same employer or university as the nominee
  7. The member or the member’s employer received and retained an honorarium or financial compensation from the nominee’s organization within the last 12 months
  8. Reports directly to the nominee in a supervisory or managerial role
  9. Has any other relationship that could feasibly impair or appear to impair the Committee member’s objectivity in discussing and rating a nominee


  1. In the event that the Fellowship Committee or the Chair is notified that there is a potential COI, the Fellowship Committee Chair will decide whether there is a COI and whether the committee member should be recused.
  2. In staffing the Fellowship Committee, the Chair should bear in mind that the committee membership should be diverse, with members from various organizations/universities, backgrounds, demographics, work roles, etc.

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