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Criteria for Fellowship in SIOP

Although the bylaws of SIOP provide a framework, it is important to emphasize that no single criterion, benchmark, or index is sufficient for evaluation of nominees for Fellowship. The Fellow selection process is not a mechanical one of adding up points or indexes—it is a judgment of the Fellowship Committee and the Executive Board of SIOP based on all the evidence presented.

Outstanding contributions must be known to other members of the Society, however that recognition may have been achieved. Refereed publications have been a traditional method of becoming known and having impact—and may still be the deciding factor in the case of research-based nominations—but many other avenues are available today for one’s work to become widely known and have impact. The various elements of the nomination process (resume/CV, nominee self-statement, endorsement letters) are designed to specify the Nominee’s contributions and to demonstrate the impact.

The particular nomination and the primary area of impact of the Nominee will determine the appropriate evidence.  Many Nominees will have made contributions in more than one area, and the nomination materials should reflect that.

Here are general examples that illustrate the different types of impact and evidence:

Research-based nominations are typically supported by widely read, refereed publications that have defined new areas of research and theory or have significantly shaped the research and knowledge base in an area.  Although number of citations is important, there must be some explanation of how the publications have impacted thinking or practice in I-O psychology.

Practice-based nominations are more likely to include applications of I-O psychology and innovations, methods, or best practices that have influenced large numbers of other I-O practitioners or organizations and the people in them. Practice contributions in this area are more convincing when supported by evidence of widespread use and effectiveness within and across organizations; their use may also have generated analysis and research. The contributions may be widely known through publications in organizations or trade associations, or publications in related areas, newspapers and business press outlets and HR outlets, participation in SIOP workshops or programs, and in book chapters or books addressing a broader audience; research reports and endorsements by individuals in organizations familiar with these contributions should document how the contributions have had impact and the extent of that impact.  Note that practice contributions are often constrained from dissemination by organizational policies, litigation issues, or intellectual property concerns; accordingly, nominators and endorsers are encouraged to provide adequate evidence and details of underlying research and effectiveness of interventions.

Teaching or Education-based nominations will likely focus on such indicators as numbers of graduate students and their prominence, development of widely used teaching materials or textbooks, development of innovative teaching methods, or administrative positions in education that have provided widespread opportunities for advancing I-O psychology through education and educational activities.

Service-based nominations may use impact evidence such as offices held in SIOP, APA, and other organizations that share SIOP’s mission and values; writings, programs, workshops, practices, and innovations that have helped SIOP maintain and develop a collegial, inclusive community with high levels of member involvement; and actively advocating to advance I-O psychology's impact and image in society.

Administration-based nominations that take administration and/or management as their primary impact will demonstrate that the Nominee has held significant administrative positions in national organizations that have impacted the field of I-O psychology in important ways.  Such positions may include organizations that specifically provide I-O-related products to their clients on a national or international level; they may employ/and or educate large numbers of I-O psychologists; or the incumbents in such position may have responsibility for I-O related functions in large, influential organizations.  It is important that these contributions detail what the impact has been and how it relates to the larger field of I-O psychology.

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