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Duties of the Nominator, Nominee, and Endorser

Nominator Duties

Once the Nominator and Nominee agree that the Nominee meets the basic criteria (current full Society Member for the previous 2 consecutive years and have accumulated 10 years of full Society Membership, inclusive of Society Membership in the year in which the candidate is nominated) and decide to proceed with the nomination, it is the Nominator’s responsibility to ensure that all forms are properly completed and submitted on time through the online system.

Nominators must identify at least three (3) but no more than six (6) Endorsers and ask for their support of the Nominee. At least three (3) of the Endorsers must be SIOP Fellows (a list of active Fellows can be found here). It may be helpful to identify additional Endorsers in case some of the initial Endorsers cannot participate. Additional Endorsers may strengthen the case of a Nominee if they bring additional information or demonstrate breadth of recognition of the Nominee’s contributions; however, quality and content of endorsement letters is more important than the number of letters.

The Nominator must request that each Endorser complete and return an Endorsement Letter. The Nominator can require Endorsers to use the Endorser Worksheet to guide the preparation of the Endorsement Letter and submit the Endorser Worksheet to the Nominator. Ordinarily, the Nominator serves as the point of contact; the Nominee does not contact the Endorsers. The Nominator is responsible for uploading the Nominee and Endorser materials supporting the nomination using the online program.

Nominee Duties

Nominees must submit a “self-statement” that describes their outstanding contributions to the field of I-O psychology and a curriculum vitae/resume to the Nominator; the publication list must follow APA format and must have an R in the left margin indicating refereed publications. The self-statement should be no more than six pages.

Endorser Duties

  • A Nominee must have a minimum of three (3), but no more than six (6) Endorsers.
  • Three (3) Endorsers must be SIOP Fellows; three other Endorsers must be Society Members, with the exception that one (1) of the non-Fellow Endorsers need not be a Society Member if that Endorser offers a unique and critical perspective on the Nominee’s contributions to the field I-O psychology; all remaining non-Fellow Endorsers, if any, must be Society Members.
  • Endorsers must submit their Endorsement Letters to the Nominator. The Nominator can require Endorsers to use the Endorser Worksheet to guide the preparation of the Endorsement Letter and submit the Endorser Worksheet to the Nominator.
  • The Nominator may also be an Endorser and submit only one letter covering the nomination and the endorsement.

Endorsement letters supporting the nomination of a Society Member for Fellow are submitted by the Nominator using SIOP’s Fellows Online Application System. Nomination materials are NOT sent directly to the SIOP Fellowship Chair or a Committee Member.

NOTE: If a Nominee also wants to be considered for Fellow status in APA, once elected to SIOP Fellow, the newly elected Fellow is responsible for initiating his/her APA Fellow application, using APA’s Fellows Online Application Platform. Please note that the online APA Fellows Application Platform requires that three (3) of the Endorsers be active Fellows of APA.

The APS fellowship application requires that the Nominator and one [1] of the Endorsers must be a Fellow of APS. No additional forms are required by APS, but the newly elected Fellow must provide the APS Membership ID number to the Fellowship Chair. The SIOP Administrative Office will send in the application materials in advance of the Spring review. APS Fellow Nomination information can be found here.

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