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SIOP Fellowship Committee Process Guidelines

The SIOP Fellowship Committee is committed to ensuring that nominations received for SIOP Fellow are processed, reviewed, and evaluated in a fair, unbiased, and consistent manner. To further facilitate the integrity of this process, the SIOP Executive Board has adopted the following guidelines, which the Committee Chair and members have the responsibility to review and follow.


Prior to conducting reviews of nominees each year, the committee members will hold a conference call in which they discuss matters of process and standards for evaluating dossiers. This call will include the Chair as well as both incoming and continuing committee members. The goal of this call will be to ensure common understanding and interpretation of the standards for evaluation of nominees. Prior to the call, all participants should review the document titled “Illustrative Contributions to the Field of I-O Psychology” posted on SIOP’s website.

Prior to the evaluation of nominees, committee members must review the list of all nominees and disclose to the Committee Chair any potential conflicts of interest (COI) following the COI rules available at Conflict of Interest Rules for SIOP Fellowship Process. If committee members have doubts about potential COI situations, they should contact the Committee Chair for clarification. In the event the Chair has a potential conflict, she or he will disclose the conflict to the Associate Chair and/or Chair-in-Training (CiT). If the Chair recuses herself/himself, the Associate Chair or CiT will serve as acting Chair for evaluation of the nominee in question.

Prior to evaluation of nominees, the committee Chair will contact all nominators to provide the list of committee members and the COI rules. Nominators should identify to the Committee Chair any potential COIs. In the event that the Chair is notified that there is a potential COI, the Chair will determine whether a COI exists and whether the relevant committee member should be recused from evaluating the nominee.


Only information that is included in the submitted material or is publicly available should be used to evaluate nominees. Individual committee members should not contribute information known only to them in the discussion of nominees. Information for consideration should be from the nomination packet and particular emphasis should be put on the content of endorsement letters.  It is important to recognize that the quality and content of endorsement letters is more important than the number of letters.

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