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History of Fellowship in SIOP

The history of SIOP Fellowship is closely tied to the history of Fellowship in APA. Fellow did not exist as a category of Member in APA until 1946 when a “new” APA was formed—the merger of the American Association of Applied Psychology (AAAP) and the American Psychological Association. All APA Members and AAAP Fellows were made Charter Fellows of the new APA.

By 1951, the growth of APA resulted in the establishment of an APA Membership Committee, and in 1951-52 Division 14 along with the other 18 divisions at the time adopted Uniform Fellowship Requirements. A psychologist first became a Member in APA, and then joined a Division which handled Fellowship. In 1958, APA established three categories of membership: Associate for those with master’s and other degrees, Member for those holding doctoral degrees, and Fellow—reserving the title of Fellow for its most distinguished members and, APA established standards for that status.

While SIOP has many members who are not affiliated with APA, the Society follows the Fellowship procedures of APA; newly elected SIOP Fellows may request that SIOP recommend them for APA Fellow Status if they are APA Members—only APA Members may be APA Fellows. Likewise, only APS Members may be Fellows of APS and newly elected SIOP Fellows may request that SIOP forward their materials for consideration as Fellows in APS.

SIOP has had a Fellowship Committee since at least the mid 1960s. The Committee is made up of SIOP Fellows and is charged with annually administering the Fellowship process. Any SIOP Member or Fellow may nominate another Member for Fellow status; nominations are evaluated by the Fellowship Committee with recommendations sent to the SIOP Executive Board. New SIOP Fellows are announced at the Annual Conference of the Society in the spring of each year. At the founding of SIOP in 1982, 252 of the 2219 SIOP Members were SIOP (and APA) Fellows.

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