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Illustrative Contributions to the Field of I-O Psychology

The evidence for SIOP Fellowship must show in total that the individual nominated has enriched or advanced the field on a scale well beyond that of being a good researcher, practitioner, teacher, or supervisor. Not only must the contributions be outstanding, it must also have had an impact that is recognized broadly in the U.S. and/or internationally and across a range of audiences and stakeholder groups.

The following illustrate some of the appropriate contributions and example indicators of impact. This list is intended to be representative, rather than exhaustive or definitive, and the examples cut across all areas of contribution: (a) research, (b) practice, (c) teaching, (d) service, and (e) administration. Any one nominee’s experience may span several of the categories below. This document is not designed to serve as a “checklist;” a purely tally-based summary of a nominee’s experiences relative to the list would not in itself suffice to support a nomination.

Though the list below identifies representative types of experience associated with high positive impact on the field of I-O psychology, a substantial degree of further detail should be provided within the nomination materials. The nominator is responsible for additional quantitative and qualitative information to enable the Fellowship Committee to knowledgeably and accurately evaluate a nominee’s contributions (e.g., specific instances, timeframes, and metrics of impact).

Innovations in Science and Practice

  • Generated innovations in practice, theory, and/or research that had a notable and documented impact on I-O psychology and its primary stakeholders
  • Introduced innovative research and/or practical concepts that have substantially changed the course of stakeholders' actions and efforts
  • Developed programmatic research, meaningfully and consistently advancing critical knowledge domains within I-O psychology
  • Developed psychological assessment(s) and/or selection test(s) that have been widely used throughout an organization, industry, and/or global market (e.g., including language translations)
  • Developed training and development programs and/or attitude surveys that have been widely used throughout an organization, industry, and/or global market (e.g., including language translations)
  • Pioneered I-O psychology's adoption and implementation of advanced methodologies or technologies
  • Employed innovative teaching methods and/or practice techniques that have increased stakeholders’ understanding and application of new knowledge within and outside of the field
  • Served as principal investigator on major research grant(s) from established granting agencies (e.g., NSF, NIH, NASA) or other funding organizations

Communicating and Disseminating Information

  • Authored book chapters, journal articles, research reports, and/or whitepapers that have been widely distributed across multiple stakeholder groups for the field (e.g., as evidenced by number of citations, the h-index score, times of downloads, awards, media mention, etc.)
  • Served as expert witness, consultant, and/or advisor to courts, legislatures, and governmental bodies (including via advocacy agencies)
  • Authored publications in popular press outlets focused primarily on HR and business audiences
  • Authored or edited major books in the field, including handbooks, textbooks, and/or technical manuals
  • Presented influential audiovisual communications (e.g., webcasts, podcasts, films) that convey I-O psychology principles to various stakeholder groups
  • Presented at various workshops, panels, and symposia at professional conferences and industry meetings
  • Been interviewed by major newspapers, magazines, or other media outlets pertaining to expert opinions on I-O related topic(s)

Influencing, Teaching, and Mentoring Others

  • Conducted multidisciplinary research and practice that extends I-O psychology through information exchanges with other fields
  • Driven successful efforts to increase inclusivity, diversity, and multiculturalism of I-O psychology research and practice
  • Actively advocated to advance I-O psychology's impact and image in society
  • Delivered invited address(es) at national and/or international conferences and conventions
  • Served as chair of thesis and dissertation committees for individuals who themselves have positively influenced the field
  • Served as leadership mentor and/or coach for junior colleagues and interns throughout one’s organization
  • Received awards, prizes, and/or recognition from SIOP or other professional organizations that relate to I-O psychology or SIOP and its mission
  • Received award(s) for teaching, research, or leadership from one’s organization or a professional association

Service to SIOP and Our Field

  • Elected or appointed to various offices related to I-O psychology based on one's technical/professional competence (e.g., state psychology board)
  • Served as a reviewer for various journals, conferences, and/or other professional outlets
  • Served on editorial boards of I-O psychology outlets and related publications
  • Served on various committees, task forces, and/or boards within SIOP or related professional organizations throughout one’s career
  • Received outstanding service award(s) from SIOP, APA, or other professional associations

Leadership Role in an Organization

  • Hold, or have held, the title of head, chair, director, or dean of a department or graduate program in I-O psychology or a related field
  • Hold, or have held, a senior leadership position in an organization involved in the effective execution and practice of I-O psychology
  • Hold, or have held, a leadership position in a regional, national, or international association related to the science and practice of I-O psychology
  • Hold, or have held, a leadership position in an industry group focused on issues related to the science and practice of I-O psychology
  • Hold, or have held, editorial position(s) for journals or major book series that advance the science and/or practice of I-O psychology

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