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Nomination Materials

The following must be properly completed and filed before November 1 in order to be considered:

  • SIOP Fellow Nominee’s Self Statement–completed by the Nominee, this statement sets forth the accomplishments and their impact on I-O psychology that the Nominee believes justify election as Fellow. The Nominee may be in the best position to help the Fellowship Committee understand in detail his or her work and its impact. A common mistake is that self statements fail to explain the work and the breadth of its impact in the detail required by the Fellowship Committee to properly evaluate the nomination. The Nominator files the self statement using the SIOP Fellows Online Nomination Program.
  • Nominee’s Resume/Curriculum Vitae–prepared by the Nominee; publications follow APA format; APA Fellow Application procedures, which SIOP follows, requires that an “R” appear in the left margin next to each refereed publication. To be filed by the Nominator using the SIOP Fellows Online nomination program.  
  • Nomination Letter–The Nominator must upload a nomination letter. The nomination letter must indicate what area or areas the nomination is primarily based upon: research, practice, teaching, administration, management and/or service. In addition, good nomination letters lay out the general theme of the case for the Nominee’s election.
  • Endorser ListNominator must submit a form listing each Endorser with their email and SIOP membership status.
  • Endorser LetterEvery Endorser must submit an endorsement letter to the Nominator.
  • Endorser WorksheetEvery Endorser must submit the Endorser Worksheet, which indicates some of the thinking behind the endorsement, to the Nominator.

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