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Instructions to Nominate a Candidate Online

NOTE: We have recently adopted a new process for submitting nominators. Please read the instructions carefully!

  • Sample Endorser email text to inform possible endorsers.
  • Fellowship Online user documentation.
  • Fellow nominations are submitted by the Nominator using the SIOP Fellows Online Nomination Program.
  • To initiate a nomination, the Nominator signs onto the SIOP Fellows Online Nomination Program using his/her SIOP username and password.
  • The Nominator uploads all letters and forms, including the Nominee’s Self Statement and CV. Endorsers must be active members of SIOP and must submit endorsement letters to the Nominator.
  • Nominator identifies no more than six (6) Endorsers.Three (3) Endorsers must be SIOP Fellows; all Endorsers must be Members of SIOP. The Endorsers are requested via email to send their endorsement letters and worksheets to the nominator.
  • Uploaded documents may be MS Word or PDF formats.
  • SIOP Fellows Online Nomination Program provides all needed information about Fellowship.
  • For technical problems during the nomination process, please contact Scott Case via email at scase@siop.org or by phone at (419) 353-0032.

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