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Instructions to Nominate a Candidate Online

NOTE: We have recently adopted a new process for submitting nominators. Please read the instructions carefully!

  • Fellowship Online user documentation.
  • Sample Endorser email text to inform possible endorsers.
  • Fellow nominations are submitted by the Nominator using the SIOP Fellows Online Nomination Program
  • To initiate a nomination, the Nominator signs onto the SIOP Fellows Online Nomination Program using his/her SIOP username and password.
  • Nominator identifies no more than six (6) Endorsers. Three (3) Endorsers must be SIOP Fellows. If the nominator feels that a person who is not a SIOP member can offer a strong endorsement of the nominee by providing unique insights into the nominee’s outstanding or unusual contribution to the field of I-O psychology, then at the nominator’s discretion, one (1) of the non-Fellow endorsers does not have to be a SIOP member. All the other non-Fellow Endorsers must be Society Members. The Endorsers are requested via email to send their endorsement letters and worksheets to the nominator.
  • The Nominator uploads all letters and forms, including the Nominee’s self-statement and CV. Endorsers must submit endorsement letters to the Nominator. Uploaded documents may be MS Word or PDF formats.

For technical problems during the nomination process, please contact Scott Case via email at scase@siop.org or by phone at (419) 353-0032.

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