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Summary of Fellowship Requirements and Procedures


  • Must be a current Society Member (see SIOP by-laws, Article II: Membership) at the time of nomination and for the previous 2 years and have accumulated 10 years of full Society Member status, inclusive of the year in which the candidate is nominated.
  • Must demonstrate evidence that the individual’s contributions have had meaningful, sustained, and unusual impact on the field of industrial and organizational psychology.
  • Must be nominated by another Society Member or Fellow. Self-nomination is not permitted.

Nomination Process

  • Nominator must properly complete Fellowship nomination materials and upload them using the SIOP Fellows Online Nomination Program by November 1. Nominators should pay close attention to the deadline, which is firm and will not change. Nominators should not wait until the last minute to gather and submit materials.
  • Nominator identifies at least three (3), but no more than six (6) Endorsers. At least three (3) of the Endorsers must be SIOP Fellows in good standing. In addition to the three (3) required Fellow Endorsers, up to three (3) other Endorsers may also support the nomination. One (1) of the additional Endorsers may be a non-Member of SIOP if the Endorser offers a unique and critical perspective on the Nominee’s contributions to the field I-O psychology. Otherwise, all Endorsers must be current paid Society Members of SIOP. (Note: If an Endorser’s name cannot be located in the SIOP Membership Directory, that Society Member’s dues may not be current.)
  • Evaluation is made by the SIOP Fellowship Committee, which makes recommendations to the SIOP Executive Board. The Executive Board makes final decisions on Fellowship status. The announcement of new Fellows each year is made at the SIOP Annual Conference and in TIP.
  • Examples of the range of practice, research, teaching, administration and service can be found at Illustrative Contributions to the Field of I-O Psychology and by reading the citations for recent SIOP Fellows.


  • Must be a Society Member but not necessarily a Fellow.
  • Must upload Nominee's self-statement and Curriculum Vitae.
  • Must upload the endorsement letters from at least three Fellow Endorsers.
  • May also be an Endorser of the nominee. In this case, Nominator prepares a letter of nomination that explicitly includes a personal endorsement. No separate endorsement will be submitted, but in this case, the Nominator also counts as one of the maximum six (6) Endorsers. The Nominator may be one of the required three (3) SIOP Fellows who endorse the nominee.
  • Must complete the uploading of all nomination materials to the SIOP Fellows Online Nomination Program by the deadline date.

After identifying a nominee for Fellow status, the Nominator coordinates the gathering of Nomination materials. This role is critical in the nomination process; the Fellowship Committee depends on the Nominator to assure that all materials are completed properly and filed on time. Nominators must familiarize themselves with the requirements for Fellowship and ensure that all procedures are followed carefully. If a non-Member serves as an Endorser, the Nominator is responsible for informing the Endorser of the requirements for Fellowship and providing guidance about information that is properly included in an Endorsement letter.  We urge Nominators to read these instructions carefully—Nominators are responsible for ensuring proper completion and timely filing of the nomination materials using the SIOP Fellows Online Nomination Program.

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