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SIOP Fellowship Today

Not surprisingly, given I-O psychology’s roots in academia, SIOP and APA Fellows have in the past been largely academics (about 80% in 2006), with research being the dominant area of recognition. As the field of psychology has changed, and I-O with it, SIOP (as well as APA) recognizes that outstanding contributions and performance may come from all areas of I-O psychology and that they represent the range of practice, research, teaching, administration, and service in the variety of settings in which industrial-organizational psychologists contribute. APA recently (APA Monitor, May 2006, p. 95) indicated the breadth of achievements that it recognized for Fellow Status:

“Fellowship achievements can involve anything in the field of psychology. Some current Fellows include psychologists who have:

  • Established a psycho-educational group program for minority organ recipients that transplant centers across the country have adopted.
  • Designed a unique assessment tool that tracks the development progress of infants and is now used on a national level.
  • Helped banks make ATMs easier to use by applying psychological principles to analyze customers’ ATM-use patterns.
  • Developed a model to help state psychological associations approach legislative bodies for prescription privileges."

The breadth of these achievements in psychology applies equally to contributions in I-O Psychology well beyond research and publications. The citations of the contributions and impact of some recent SIOP Fellows include:

  • the foremost expert on the antecedents and consequences of organizational commitment. His ground breaking research, which has been cited over 2,500 times, reflects a rare interplay between cogent theoretical development and rigorous empirical research. In addition, his measures of organizational commitment are used by scholars worldwide.
  • has significantly advanced the practice of I-O psychology through his presidency of the Metropolitan New York Association of Applied Psychology, editorship of SIOP’s “The 21st Century Executive: Innovative Practices of Building Leadership at the Top,” co-chairing the first SIOP Leading Edge Consortium on Executive Leadership, workshops conducted for SIOP, and his selection and development programs for blue-chip companies in the U.S.”
  • the pioneer researcher who guided theoretical development of research on work-family conflict and work-family enrichment. With relative ease, he impressively moves between theory and model building to the development and validation of instruments that measure relevant constructs in this research domain.
  • A consummate practitioner-scientist, she is the “go to” expert on global survey issues. Her cross-cultural work has shed new light on the importance of employee attitudes on business outcomes, including customer satisfaction. She holds the most influential position in attitude survey work in a global organization today.

(See link to Citations for SIOP Fellows 2015. (html PDF)

Here is a list of the currently active Fellows.


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