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SIOP Fellowship Today

SIOP recognizes that outstanding contributions to the profession may come from all areas of I-O psychology and represent the range of practice, research, teaching, administration, and service in the variety of settings in which industrial-organizational psychologists work.

The breadth of these achievements in psychology applies equally to contributions in I-O psychology well beyond research and publications. Examples of citations of contributions and impact of some recent SIOP Fellows include:

  • is one of the leading scholars in the area of work teams and the impact of culture in work contexts. Her work has produced 52 refereed journal articles, 22 book chapters, and two influential books, and has been cited more than 15,000 times, placing her in the top 1% globally in economics and business.

  • A consummate practitioner–scientist, she is the “go to” expert on global survey issues. Her cross-cultural work has shed new light on the importance of employee attitudes on business outcomes, including customer satisfaction. She holds the most influential position in attitude survey work in a global organization today.
  • … the foremost expert on the antecedents and consequences of organizational commitment. His ground breaking research, which has been cited over 2,500 times, reflects a rare interplay between cogent theoretical development and rigorous empirical research. In addition, his measures of organizational commitment are used by scholars worldwide.

  • … has significantly advanced the practice of I-O psychology through his presidency of the Metropolitan New York Association of Applied Psychology, editorship of SIOP’s “The 21st Century Executive: Innovative Practices of Building Leadership at the Top,” co-chairing the first SIOP Leading Edge Consortium on Executive Leadership, workshops conducted for SIOP, and his selection and development programs for blue-chip companies in the U.S.

(See the Citations for SIOP Fellows 2018.)

Here is a list of the currently active Fellows.

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