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2012 Small Grant Award Winners


Masakatsu Ono Cynthia Sherman Emi Makino



Masakatsu Ono (Claremont Graduate University), Cynthia L. Sherman (Claremont Graduate University), Emi Makino (Claremont Graduate University), and Robert Evans (Independent Consultant, not pictured) are awarded a Foundation grant for their project, “Experience Sampling Method (ESM) and Daily Diary Recollection: A Comparison Study Using Smartphones.”

Research Summary

Alyssa McGonagle Joy Beatty  
Alyssa McGonagle (Wayne State University), Joy Beatty (University of Michigan, Dearborn), and Rosalind Joffe (CICoach.com, not pictured) receive their grant for research entitled “Delineating and Evaluating Coaching for Workers With Chronic Illness.”
(Note: The authors would like to acknowledge Dr. Janet Barnes-Farrell [University of Connecticut] for her work in the planning stages of this project.)
Helen Hailin Zhao M. Susan Taylor Cynthia Lee Jingxin Lin  
Helen Hailin Zhao (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University), M. Susan Taylor (University of Maryland), Cynthia Lee (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University & Northeastern University), Jingxin Lin (PEM [Chuangzhuo] Management Consulting Ltd.) are awarded a small grant for their project “Employees’ Attitudes and Behaviors in Leader Transition and Subsequent Organizational Changes.”
Thomas A. O'Neill Rhys Lewis
Thomas A. O’Neill (University of Calgary), Rhys Lewis (Sigma Assessment Systems), and Julie Carswell (Sigma Assessment Systems, not pictured) are awarded a small grant for research on “Combating Preemployment Personality Test Faking Using the Forced-Choice Format.”


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