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2013 Small Grant Award Winners

 The SIOP Foundation is proud to award small grant funding to three impressive teams.



KiYoung Lee (University of Minnesota), Michelle K. Duffy, (University of Minnesota), and Young-chan Kim, (GOLFZON Co.) receive a small grant for the project “When and How Does Workplace Envy Promote Job Performance? A Study on the Conditions and Mechanisms for the Functional Role of Envy at Workplace.”

Elizabeth M. Boyd (Indiana University), Kristen M. Shockley (Baruch College), and Whitney Woods (Interactive Intelligence) receive their small grant for research on “Patterns of Attribution for Work–Family Conflict and Their Relation to Negative Outcomes.”

Research Summary


Emily Hunter (Baylor University), Malissa Clark (Auburn University), Dawn Carlson (Baylor University), and Cherise Bridgwater (Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center) are awarded a small grant for their project “Boundary Violations: Positive and Negative Consequences of Daily Work–Family Interference.”

Research Summary

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