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2017 Raymond A. Katzell Award in I-O Psychology

Jennifer J. Deal, Center for Creative Leadership

This award recognizes a SIOP member who has demonstrated to the general public the importance of I-O psychology in addressing social and workplace issues. For many years, Dr. Deal has been the “go-to” resource for journalists on such topics as global and remote work, generational differences in the workplace, and the always-on workplace. In particular, her research on generational differences, with a current focus on millennials, has been the standard for social science contributions for over a decade, starting with her first book on the subject, Retiring the Generation Gap, and continuing with her most recent coauthored book, What Millennials Want From Work. Hers is the only consistent voice clarifying and adding nuance to the public discussion around millennials and intergenerational differences highlighting the consequences of life stages, labor market context, and other factors. Her research, supported by solid data and accessible to general audiences, has often debunked common misperceptions on the extent and nature of true generational differences at work. Not confined to academic journals her perspectives and guidance goes directly to business leaders through trusted, widely read media outlets. She is a regular contributor to the Wall Street Journal Thought Leaders Experts column on generational issues at work. Her influence is impressive and her writing has made significant contributions not only to our field but also to the broader organizational landscape and improving the workplace.


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