February 2011

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Welcome from Foundation President Milt Hakel

Welcome to Foundation News, the first issue of the SIOP Foundation’s electronic newsletter!

Unlike individuals, professions do not have retirement plans. Nevertheless, they do need to make provision for the future, and the SIOP Foundation is one means for assuring the continued vitality of industrial-organizational psychology. We build for the future.

Part of the genius in the concept of a foundation is the ability to change tactics while continuing to pursue defined purposes. That contrasts dramatically with this story about providing for the future: A wealthy single woman living at the end of the 19th century in a small Midwestern town decided to leave, in her will, her entire fortune to solve a particular local problem once and for all: It took until nearly the end of the 20th century for the town government to break the will and stop putting out water for the horses tied up in front of the county courthouse.

There’s no telling how the world will change. Some of us remember WordStar and Eudora, both now long obsolete, and I’ve heard reports that email’s days are numbered. Nevertheless, this email newsletter aims to provide current information about the Foundation in a convenient electronic format (one that will doubtlessly evolve). Each issue will include stories, announcements, photos and videos related to the Foundation, and will come to SIOP members on a variable schedule.

The Foundation Trustees appreciate all that you do build for the future. We want to keep you up-to-date on the many ways your donations are being used to further the practice and science of I-O psychology. So please continue reading this issue of Foundation News, and keep an eye out for the next one!


Milt Hakel
SIOP Foundation President

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VIDEO: A Message from SIOP Fellow Michael Campion

SIOP Fellow and longtime Foundation supporter Michael Campion discusses his reasons for supporting the Foundation. Click the image below to watch the video!

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How to Donate to the SIOP Foundation

Your tax-deductible gift to the SIOP Foundation will ensure ongoing funding for research, awards for excellence, and financial support for outstanding doctoral students. Please give generously to the Foundation to provide support for the advancement of the science and practice of I-O psychology.

There are several ways to donate to the Foundation. You can make a cash donation through the following avenues:

Donate or Make a Pledge Online
Donation Form

You can also make charitable donations to the Foundation. Perhaps the simplest way of donating to the SIOP Foundation is by naming one of the existing SIOP funds as a beneficiary in your will. Another option is a charitable remainder trust, in which you (or other named beneficiaries) receive life income payments from the invested assets. Read more about the different options for charitable donations by clicking the links below!

Charitable Remainder Trusts
Life Insurance
Lifetime Gifts-Cash or Securities
Gifting Stock
Simple Bequests

Watch a short video message from Milt Hakel and Ann Howard about why you should consider donating to the Foundation here!

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Spotlight on Award Winners

The beneficiaries of the SIOP Foundation's awards, grants, and scholarships show a great deal of gratitude to the Foundation for helping them throughout their academic and professional careers.

Steffanie Wilk and Nancy Rothbard: Awarded a small grant in 2004 for their research into mood, worker performance, and productivity in call centers. Their study was set in a call center where they could unobtrusively collect information on productivity and quality of the work as well as collect daily data on worker mood. The organizational data came in several forms, including hours of taped calls between service providers and customers.  In order to code all of the calls—more than 1,000 of them—the pair needed to hire and train coders. The SIOP Grant money allowed the two to do just that.

"Beyond helping us practically, the award was a great source of validation that our work had value and interest in the broader academic community. This bolstered us for the work we had to do to get the data into shape. We have made numerous presentations at both SIOP and AOM and have written several papers using these data. I have encouraged students and others to apply for grants because of the great experience I had with it.”

                                                                   -Steffanie Wilk

You can read more about previous grant winners on the Foundation page here, or read about previous scholarship winners here!

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