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George C. Thornton III Graduate Scholarship

The George C. Thornton III Graduate Scholarship recognizes the application of the scientist/practitioner model in graduate student training. The Scholarship is designed to provide financial support to a doctoral student in I-O psychology who epitomizes the scientist–practitioner model in his or her training, research, and practicum experiences. The award provides recognition for students in IO psychology who strive for excellence in the science and practice of industrial and organizational psychology.

Please help us honor Dr. Thornton with your gift today!  To donate by credit card, click here and designate the Thornton Scholarship from the drop-down menu.  To print a donation form to pay by check or to make a pledge, click here and mail to the SIOP Foundation as instructed. 

In just 3 years, we have raised $22,750 toward our goal of $25,000.  Please keep the momentum going by donating today.  For more information regarding this scholarship fund, contact Zinta Byrne.

About Dr. Thornton

George C. Thornton III is recognized for his research and consulting in the assessment center method. In fact, he received the Distinguished Professional Contributions Award in 2002 in recognition for his contributions to practice, theory, and research in industrial and organizational (I-O) psychology. However, what makes George Thornton so exceptional is his dedication to training I-O psychologists using the scientist–practitioner model. His commitment to the scientist–practitioner model has been displayed in his teaching, research, and doctoral supervision activities throughout his career.  In his commitment to the field, George Thornton advances the discipline by training tomorrow’s I-O psychologists to value and embody the scientist–practitioner model. He has been a valuable contributor to the field and deserves such recognition.

Dr. George C. Thornton III exemplifies the scientist–practitioner model in his consulting, research, and training of students. His contributions to the field of I-O psychology span 40 years and include the continued development and promotion of the doctoral program in I-O psychology at Colorado State University (CSU) – a program that emphasizes the integration of science and practice – from which he has chaired over 32 PhDs and been involved in the training of more than 120 CSU doctoral students. Those who pursued academic careers have been deeply influenced by George’s philosophy and commitment to the scientist/practitioner model, passing on this training to their own students. Likewise, those graduates who have pursued careers as practitioners work primarily in firms and organizations that value and emphasize a strong scientific foundation. He has modeled how to balance scientific inquiry with solving challenging client problems, always juggling the ethical dilemmas brought about by the need for a scientific foundation while at the same time moving to a timely, practical, and appropriate solution.