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2007 Mary L. Tenopyr Graduate Student Scholarship Winner

When he was an undergraduate at Brigham Young University, Bret Bradley thought he was going to be an accountant but realized that he didn’t want to do taxes for the next 30-plus years. “I found studying human behavior much more interesting, and it was an easy transition to I-O psychology,” he said.

Early on in his graduate work at the University of Iowa, he became interested in team dynamics, which, with the guidance of Greg Stewart, is the topic of Bradley’s dissertation. “The focus is on how a disagreeable co-worker can impact a team’s overall performance, especially when the offending person cannot be removed from the team,” he said. “We also want to find out what can be done about the problem. For example, leadership style and team interdependence may help reduce the damage created by ‘bad apples,’” said the recipient of the inaugural Mary L. Tenopyr Scholarship.

Now, as he nears completion of his doctoral program, Bradley is eager to begin his career in teaching and research, and it is not surprising that he wants to concentrate his research on teams and team performance.

Though his career is in its early stages, Bradley has already had two papers published, including one in the Academy of Management Journal.

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