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Charitable Remainder Trusts

When you create a Charitable Remainder Trust, you (or other named beneficiaries) receive life income payments from the invested assets.

Upon your death (or the death of other income beneficiaries), the remaining principal of your trust will be used by the SIOP Foundation to achieve goals that you have established. 

A Charitable Remainder Trust comes in two basic plans:

1. An Annuity Trust, which pays the beneficiaries a fixed dollar amount (at least 5% of the value of the contribution to the trust) annually.

2. A Unitrust, which pays the beneficiaries a fixed percentage (at least 5%) of the value of the trust's assets each year.  Certain types of Unitrusts may be structured to pay either net income earned on investments or a specified fixed percentage.

The Unitrust is often used by a donor who wants to be able to receive more income from the Unitrusts as its assets appreciate ( a possible hedge against inflation) and is willing to take less if the assets in the trust decline in value.  The Annuity Trust will pay a stable income for life regardless of the performance of trust assets.

Both the Charitable Remainder Unitrust and the Annuity Trust offer:

  • The opportunity to name yourself, family members, or other individuals as income beneficiaries
  • Lifetime (or for a term up to twenty years) payments to named beneficiaries
  • A reduction in estate taxes
  • An income tax deduction, based on Internal Revenue Service Tables in the year the trust is established (with a 5 year carry-0ver), based on the value of the  assets used to establish the trust.
  • No capital gains tax on appreciated securities donated to the trust.
  • The opportunity to create (with the trust assets remaining after the death of the income beneficiaries) a permanent SIOP Fund at the Toledo Community Foundation that will support your goals and values in perpetuity

Your calls and questions to SIOP are welcome. You may reach us at:

The SIOP Foundation
440 E Poe Rd Ste 101
Bowling Green, OH 43402-1355

419-353-0032 Fax: 419-352-2645
E-mail: SIOPfoundation@siop.org

Please note: Tax and estate planning are complex matters which should be undertaken with the assistance of your legal or financial advisor.  Please consult with your personal advisor(s) regarding your specific tax and financial situation.


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