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SIOP Foundation Initiatives

These are newly developed funds that will, with the proper support, become Named Funds of the Foundation.

In order to meet the goal, a fund must raise $50,000 in 5 years, with a minimum goal of $5,000 in the first 12 months of the campaign, or all monies raised revert to the Advancement Fund.

Please contact the Foundation if you are interested in learning more about the opportunity to create a fund in support of industrial-organizational psychology. 

Incubator Fund

These are funds in honor/memory of the life’s work of an important SIOP Member.

James L. Outtz Grant for Student Research on Diversity 

This annual grant award will be given to a graduate student who has successfully defended, but not yet conducted, a diversity-related research proposal. The proposal may be either a masters thesis or a doctoral dissertation and is intended to assist the graduate student with completion of the project. Proposals should involve empirical research, theory, and application in any area of I-O psychology (e.g., employee relations, equal employment opportunity, human factors, job analysis, job design, organizational development, organizational behavior, leadership, position classification, safety, selection, training) that focuses specifically on diversity.  However, the main focus of the submission must be on diversity.  


Emerging Issues Fund

Present in the original purposes of the SIOP Foundation,and approved by the IRS, is a provision for what are called “term gifts,” given for approved scientific, educational, or cultural purposes allowed under section 501(c)(3). They need not be endowments. They are pass-through funding; that is, the tax-deductible gift is given to the SIOP Foundation, which in turn immediately passes the funds through to the entity that will enact the approved purpose of the gift.

Fund for the Future

Recognizing that term gifts may be attractive to potential donors, including individuals, partnerships, corporations, trusts, or foundations, the Trustees have now created the Fund for the Future.Its advantage to donors is that the benefit of the gift is realized in the proximal future rather than in the distant future after an endowment has generated sufficient income to fund the project or event.

The SIOP Foundation has already received three such term gifts. The first set up a pilot project workshop for psychology teachers. Detailed planning is now underway for the second, the Jeanneret Working Conference on Assessing Leaders of Leaders. The third provided support for the Map of I-O Science, presented by Tammy Allen in her presidential address given in Honolulu last May.

To donate to these or any other SIOP Foundation Fund, click here.