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2015 SIOP International Research and Collaboration (IRC) Small Grant

The 2015 IRC grant goes to Lynda Zugec (The Workforce Consultants), Darja Maslic Sersic (University of Zagreb), and Karen Korabik (University of Guelph) for their project “Multiple Intelligences, Leadership, and Androgyny: An International Study.”

Previous research conducted by the principal investigator, Lynda Zugec, and Emeritus Professor Karen Korabik, examined the relationships between multiple intelligences, leadership, androgyny, and behavioral flexibility. More specifically, practical, emotional, and social intelligence were investigated as they relate to the task-oriented and person-oriented components of leadership. The roles of androgyny and behavioral flexibility in relation to the intelligences and leadership were additionally examined. Androgynous individuals were found to be higher on social intelligence, and they were more likely to report using both initiating structure and consideration in their leadership style, to have task-oriented and person-oriented behavioral flexibility, and to score higher on both task-oriented leadership ability and person-oriented leadership ability. The sample utilized university students within Southwestern Ontario, Canada. The funded research, set out below, seeks to determine whether such findings with respect to leadership would apply cross-culturally. More specifically, we seek to identify whether we can replicate such findings when we utilize a sample of university students at the University of Zagreb in Croatia. We anticipate that, given the nature of leadership, our original hypotheses will hold true within the new cross-cultural sample as we believe these leadership processes are culturally generalizable.

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