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Jeanneret Award For Excellence in the Study of Individual or Group Assessment

This year SIOP is splitting the Jeanneret award between two exemplary teams.

Jinyan Fan (Hofstra University/Auburn University), Dingguo Gao (Sun Yat-Sen University), Sarah A. Carroll (Professional Examination Service), Felix (Jamie) Lopez (Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc.), T. Siva Tian (University of Houston), and Hui Meng (East China Normal University) for “Testing the Efficacy of a New Procedure for Reducing Faking on Personality Tests Within Selection Contexts” in Journal of Applied Psychology, 97, 866-880.
Jill Ellingson (The Ohio State University), Eric Heggestad (University of North Carolina Charlotte), and Erin E. Makarius (Canisius College) for their paper published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology (in 2012) entitled “Personality Retesting for Managing Intentional Distortion.”


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