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Raymond A. Katzell Award in I-O Psychology

William C. Byham, Development Dimensions International

This award recognizes a SIOP member whose research and expertise addresses societal and workplace issues and has been instrumental in demonstrating the importance of I-O related work to the general public. Dr. Byham’s numerous contributions include 23 books, more than 200 monographs and articles, and hundreds of public presentations that continually inspire leaders to make organizations function better. Two of his books have been hugely popular. The first is Zapp!, which shows managers and supervisors how to contribute to the satisfaction and self-esteem of employees while improving organizational profitability. The second, HeroZ, shows workers how to be self-empowering and develop teamwork while engaged in continuous improvement. Through his work, which is based on I-O related research, he has been able to greatly influence the general public. His messages are simple and understandable, and he is a frequent and reliable source to the media to discuss workplace issues. He has contributed to major media stories in print, radio, and television and has become, in the process, an immensely effective ambassador for the science of I-O psychology.


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