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2007 Graduate Student Scholarship Winner

As a psychology major at California State University at Dominguez Hills, Juan Madera had plans to go into clinical or counseling psychology. Then an adviser told him about I-O and everything changed for him.
“At first I had no idea what I-O psychology was, but I started taking some organizational behavior classes and found I really liked them. I-O fit into everything that interested me and that was when I became focused on what I wanted to do,” he said.
Now, he is wrapping up his doctorate studies at Rice University under the direction of Mikki Hebl. His dissertation is an eye-tracking investigation of reactions to stigmas in employment interviews. “By tracking the eyes of interviewers, I am looking at how they react to applicants with different types of physical disabilities and the impact it has upon their recall of those they interview,” he said. The interviews are shown via computer with the camera focusing on the eyes of the interviewers.
Madera plans to make a career of teaching and research. “I have done some teaching at Rice and it is something I enjoy. Initially, I want to extend the research I am now doing in employment interviews and interviewer reactions.”
He has already published papers in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology and Leadership Quarterly.

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