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Most organizations recruit interns by contacting faculty in I/O programs (66%) or through informal contacts/professional networks (56%). Some use internship or career placement programs at universities and/or within specific departments (26%) or direct mailings to schools and professors (23%). Career fairs (1%), TIP (4%), and non-SIOP placement services (7%) are the least frequently used methods of recruitment. Approximately 19% do not actively recruit for interns. Interestingly, external consulting firms (28%) are less likely to actively recruit interns than internal consulting firms (14%), but those that actively recruit use similar methods regardless of their organization type.         

What does this mean for internship seekers?  If you are solely relying on the postings in TIP, you may be missing some internship opportunities, especially if you are interested in external consulting. Talk to the faculty in your department; they may have some suggestions.

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