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Successful internship programs offer benefits to both the intern and the employing organization. Organizations benefit from fresh perspectives and cutting-edge research. Internships also provide organizations with a means for giving back to the educational community. Additionally, many interns are able to make substantive contributions to the work of the organizations and often provide a much needed extra pair of hands. Interns, on the other hand, are given the opportunity to explore applied areas of I-O psychology during their internships, gain valuable work experience, expand their professional networks, and further develop their technical and business skills. While internships offer benefits to both the intern and organization, in order to be truly successful, both must be prepared for the demands of the internship. 

The goal of this survey was to identify the common characteristics of internships and to offer practical guidance for graduate students seeking these experiences. If you are a graduate student seeking an internship in I-O psychology, we hope these results will help you prepare for the experience.   

The Internship Subcommittee is investigating internships for high school and undergraduate students in areas related to I-O psychology. Look for information on these applied experiences in a future issue of TIP. 

Finally, we want to thank Bill Macey and Personnel Research Associates, Inc. for allowing us to use SurveySage, their computerized survey builder tool, to administer this survey.

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