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Overview of Internship Opportunities

The SIOP I-O Internship pages attempt to classify and describe five “types” of internship experiences often sought by I-O psychology graduate students.  The categories are not hard and fast, but rather generally align with the mission and vision of the organization.  It is important to acknowledge that the activities that you engage in during your internship experience may (likely will) overlap with other types of internships experiences.  For example, you may conduct a literature review (i.e., research-focused activity) when working on developing a selection procedure (i.e., applied activity) for an external consulting organization.

There are key considerations that may factor into your decision-making process when pursuing internship opportunities.  It is important to note that finding the “right” internship experience is about fit with the organization and type of experience.  Therefore, we encourage reflection and consideration of your own expectations and goals (see Section on Managing Expectations for guidance) before determining the type of internship opportunity that will be attractive and beneficial to you.  In other words, a consideration may be viewed as a pro- or con- depending upon who is evaluating the experience.  In addition to the considerations that are specific to the type of internship opportunities, there are several other factors that cut across opportunities to evaluate when pursuing an internship opportunity.  For example, it is important to consider:

  • Size of the organization
  • Expectations for travel
  • Work location (e.g., client site, virtual)
  • Client type (e.g., private or public-sector)
  • Required certifications or other requirements (e.g., security clearance)

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