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Impact Action Teams

What is an Impact Action Team?

  • An Impact Action Team is a small team of I-O Psychologists, typically 3-6 teammates, who share a desire to improve the world around them in a particular way. 
  • Teams are often composed of partnerships between academics, practitioners, and students who collaborate to enhance processes and norms for individuals, communities, organizations, or societal/global groups. 
  • Teams do not have to be co-located, as virtual teamwork can produce materials, documents, and new processes that can be applied by anyone, anywhere, at any time. 

Who qualifies to start an Impact Action Team?

  • ANY I-O Psychologist can start an Impact Action Team! 

How does an Impact Action Team get started?

  • Simply download the Impact Action Plan and register your team online with SIOP to get started! The Plan has all you need to hit the ground running.
  • A SIOP volunteer will be in touch with the Team’s primary point of contact (POC) to make sure SIOP has all the information it needs to follow your initiative, keep track of progress, and provide the right level of guidance.