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The most common intervention used by I-O psychologists to help organizations manage diversity is diversity training. The training can take several approaches, but will differ depending on the target audience.

Training for managers will focus on how to recruit and hire a more diverse workforce. This training often entails raising awareness of new sources or outlets that allow employers to find a greater pool of applicants. Manager training will also focus on how to manage the diversity of the newly hired workers. Specifically, training will focus on how to integrate the new employees into the existing workforce and how to raise the awareness of the current employees as to the benefits of greater diversity. This often requires a shift in the style of management. The focus of management shifts from treating everyone equally to treating everyone equitably, given the differences that each employee brings to the job.

Training for all employees goes through several steps. The first step entails raising awareness that differences do exist. The second step focuses on how these differences influence working together to get the job done. The third step focuses on how these differences can be used to enhance productivity without treating people unfairly.

The exercise provided with this presentation is an example of some of the activities that might be used to raise awareness of diversity in organizations.

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