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Henry Ford took one of the great industrial leaps in efficiency with the assembly line and scientists, engineers, and I-O psychologists have been improving on it since. General Motors’ Saturn Corporation has taken the line concept, combined it with teams at each stop (instead of individuals), and created one of the more recent advances in production design.

The automation at most manufacturing plants is just one of the reasons that new skills have been required. Training for the workers and the managers who must now supervise a different workforce has been essential.

Similarly, with the expansion of the internet and other forces, business has truly gone global. With globalization has come increased competition from countries that can produce more and do it at a fraction of the cost. While globalization has created competition, it has also brought co-workers from different countries and cultures together. The need for diversity training (training that raises awareness of employee differences, etc.) has exploded as a result.

Finally, the 1980s and early 90s left companies and employees reeling following downsizing. Typically downsizing is followed by a drop in productivity as employees sort out the implications for themselves. I-O psychologists have helped employers identify the concerns of their employees and designed programs to address those concerns. They also help employers deal with the employees who have lost their jobs.

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