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Next, in small groups, finalize your lists of performance dimensions and think about the kinds of KSAs that are required to perform in those areas.  Some KSAs might include:  interpersonal skills, reading comprehension, speaking and presentation skills, content knowledge, planning and organizing, etc  Other KSAs are certainly possible.

For some or all of the KSAs you have identified, think about the methods you might identify or develop to gather information about an applicants knowledge, skill or ability in that area.  In determining the measures to use, think about how the different KSAs could be exhibited in a selection context.  Use your knowledge of measurement and psychology and your creativity in devising these methods. Consider the quality of your suggested measurements in terms of the reliability and validity concepts discussed earlier.

For example, if you suggest a work sample to measure skills related to delivering a lecture, consider by whom and how that measure could reliably be administered.  Think about how your process could improve the quality of the instruction you receive.

As a group, write down the various steps through the selection system you have designed. 

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