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One of the things to emphasize here is that the learning objectives look fairly strenuous.  That is because they were written the way we would write objectives for an organizational training program.  You not only outline what you want trainees to take away from the program, but also how well they need to be able to do things.  There have to be specific standards for performance.  Its also worth noting that  while its certainly realistic to ask people to be able to list out the chronology of a training program, or to name two ways training allows for psychological ideas to be integrated, there are a multitude of different goals that can be established for any learning activity.

A concept that is linked to providing learning objectives is the ADVANCE ORGANIZER.  Psychological research shows that when you give learners an idea of what is to come - what will be expected of them - they have an easier time integrating information as they move toward their goals.  In some senses, then, any time we offer learning objectives, we are providing advance organizers for our learners.
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