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Kaisen Consulting

Job Summary


Kaisen Consulting


BOSTON, MA, United States

Education Level


Work Experience

1-3 Years



Job Category

Industry, Gov., Consulting


About the Organization

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Kaisen Consulting - is a boutique consultancy of business psychologists, specialising in the assessment and development of leaders; we use psychological expertise to help clients improve the quality of leadership at all levels.  We are known for our highly individualised approaches to assessment and development and for the science and research that underpins our work. This involves identifying leadership capability and potential, as well as developing core leadership skills across a range of areas.

For 25 years, operating out of the UK, Kaisen has been working with global clients and has assessed, developed and coached over 17,000 senior leaders in over 40 countries.  Clients include leading international companies such as HSBC, Rolls-Royce, Virgin Atlantic, American Express, GE, Shell, Atkins, Barclays, AstraZeneca, BBC, Novartis and T-mobile.

Kaisen has recently entered into an alliance with Deloitte, one of the world's largest professional services firms with 195,000 practitioners worldwide, to offer a broad range of global clients a full suite of leadership solutions, including leadership strategy, leadership assessment (including in-depth psychological profiling) and a range of leadership development interventions.

About the Job

As a Consultant with Kaisen, you will be responsible for the delivery of Kaisen’s suite of leadership assessment and development solutions to clients to high standards.   You will be trained in all of the Kaisen methodologies before working on any client delivery; this will take around 2 months in total in your first year, and there will be follow up CDP workshops every year thereafter.

Specifically, you will be involved in the following:

  • Assessment of leadership capability and potential: conducting in-depth 1:1 psychological assessments of senior leaders using Kaisen proprietary leadership potential model and methodology.  This involves: holistic, biographical interviewing, delivering Kaisen’s benchmarked business thinking assessment, interpreting personality and thinking skills psychometrics, report writing and delivering feedback
  • Leadership coaching: working 1:1 with senior leaders to develop core leadership skills, manage potential leadership de-railers and overcome ‘self-limiting beliefs’
  • Leadership development: delivering high impact, schema-based leadership development programmes to small groups of leaders.  Drawing on Kaisen’s proprietary suite of schema-based development programmes to develop leaders’ skills in areas such as Strategic Thinking, Stakeholder Management, Leading with Vision, Performance Coaching, Leading Innovation
  • Leadership strategy: supporting organizational development and succession planning, including the development and interpretation of aggregate data reports on leadership capability against Kaisen’s global leadership capability benchmarks

After an initial induction and training programme at our global headquarters in Bristol, you will work in Boston with the US Kaisen Director and the newly hired US Kaisen team.  After, you will travel weekly or fortnightly for short-term client assignments in a range of locations across the US.  You will be working in Deloitte offices in the different locations, and working from the local Deloitte office in Boston.  You will also be supported; as needed, from the UK on professional, client, and quality issues.

Job Requirements


  • Ph.D. or Psy.D. in Psychology
  • Experience working in a business environment (minimum of 2 years in a commercial organization) desired, but not required.
  • Fluency in a second language would be an advantage


Consultants will also need to have:

  • A passion for psychology and working in assessment and leadership development
  • Professional credibility with senior leaders
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Business language
  • Exceptional insights: with an ability to use these insights working with business leaders
  • Well-developed relationship management and project management skills
  • An open and challenging mind
  • An interest in pursuing your own professional development: a desire to be your best!


Application Instructions

Please submit your resume detailing your consulting interests and experiences.