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Other History of Psychology Resources

Moving beyond I-O psychology, there are a number of excellent websites describing the history of psychology in general.  Muskingum College hosts the History of Psychology Archives.  In addition, the Dr. Nicholas and Dorothy Cummings Center for the History of Psychology (CHP) has a number of interesting exhibits and information.  The Baltimore Museum of Industry is also a good source of information about the world of work.

A video of Pavlov’s dogs with narration by Philip Zimbardo. 

A photo of Likert appears in this timeline of the history of the Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan.

Although he was not an I-O psychologist, the creator of “Student’s” t-test worked in industry as a practitioner.  His story is told here.

The Facebook group ‘Methodology and History of Psychology’ is a good source of interesting history information.

The Facebook group ‘Psychology’s Feminist Voices’ includes several I-O figures.

Industrial psychology has always been closely aligned with psychometrics; indeed, some of the famous psychometricians were also I-O psychologists.  You can view photos of the Past Presidents of the Psychometric Society (e.g., John Flanagan, Samuel Messick) online.  The main website for the Psychometric Society has a wealth of information.  Additionally, Vanderbilt University has a webpage on Jum C. Nunnally.  Finally, Sally Kuhlenschmidt has an excellent timeline of the history of assessment.

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